‚ÄčThe purpose of this club is as follows: 

     To join in activities with fellow members and guests with a mutual interest in the enjoyment of  old trucks. To attend activities as listed,  to attend Garage tours,  Shop tours,  Car shows,  and any other activities that the Board deems in the interest of the membership and the Truck  hobby.

Membership in the club is based on having an interest in automobiles in general, and old trucks in particular.  The criteria for full membership is as follows:    Applications must be approved by the Board of Directors.  There shall be an Initiation Fee of $ 30.00 covering the first calendar year. All members shall then pay dues  of $ 20.00 per calendar year, which will be due and payable not later than      January 15 of each year.

Members are obligated to participate in a minimum of  four  ( 4 )  club activities per year including meetings, activities, and other club functions.   This requirement is to ensure the Club Group continues to  flourish  within the  community of  Car Clubs,  Shows,  and functions, and within the northwest community in general.    Membership will be held to forty-five  ( 45 ) members with exceptions as authorized by the Board.  

Northwest Classic Trucks Club